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Our mission is to provide our services in a manner that is feasible to our country’s people and does not harm our environment while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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Why Clean?

Roofs are an investment that must be safe guarded.

Stop The Damage!

Roof staining organisms (specifically algae, lichens, moss and mold) are feeding off the organic material in your roof. The longer they are allowed to stay and feast, the more damage they will cause.

Efficiently Reflect Sunlight

A roof covered with algae, mold etc. is no longer able to efficiently reflect sunlight. The organism covered roof absorbs heat, thereby super-heating your house and increasing your cooling costs.

Cost Saving

Having your roof cleaned by a Trini Wash Ltd. professional is a cost saving alternative to premature re-roofing. There is absolutely no need to prematurely re-roof when your roof can look like new again for a fraction of replacement costs.

Restore The Beauty Of Your Home

A dirty roof detracts from your home’s curb appeal. You can cut/clean your yard, trim the hedges/tress, and even paint the house but no matter what you do to improve your home’s exterior,
those stains will be the main focal point of your home’s exterior.

Why choose us

We use Low-Volume Low-Pressure (LVLP) Technology and a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide based solution that kills and retards re-growth of algae, mold, moss, etc. when cleaning roofs. The solution does not contain bleach and is environmentally friendly.

Additionally, Trini Wash Ltd. is OSHA compliant and engages in safety practices such as wearing non-slip footwear and utilizing safety lines with harnesses.

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